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Integralmédica Cycle-6


  • Protein 22 G
  • BCAA 4,6 g
  • With TCM

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  • Blend

  • 6 high quality proteins

  • Blend proteico time release

  • 0% added sugar

  • Increased Power and Muscle Mass

Cycle-6 combines 6 different protein matrices of high biological value (WPC - whey protein concentrate, MPC - milk protein concentrate, WPI - whey protein isolate, caseinate, WPH - hydrolyzed whey protein and albumin) creating a blend of gradual absorption, which maintains the positive hydrogen balance for much longer. When compared to protein isolates, the blends have a slower absorption speed, preserving the provision of nutrients to muscles for longer periods and extending the protein synthesis activity, which provides favorable effects to the muscle recovery process. With low fat content, soy-free and no added sugars, Cycle-6 is a versatile option to preserve the protein quality during the day.

  • Chocolate
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Passion fruit
  • Vitamina de Banana



Packaging available: jar containing supplement in powder form. Flavors: Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Dulce de Leche and Banana Shake. Net Weight: 907 g [NET WT: 2 lbs] Product classified as: PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT FOR ATHLETES.


This product does not replace a balanced diet and its consumption must be advised by a nutritionist or a doctor.

Consumption Suggestion

Dilute 2 scoops (36 g) of Cycle-6 in 200 ml of water, preferably cold.


Keep this product away from light, heat and moisture.


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